Monday, January 19, 2009

And so she returns..

And so she returns from a month-long hiatus.

It's been weeks since my last post. I'm beginning to think my bloggie here's sulking. I can't say for now if I'm back to blogging on a daily basis but I'll be updating. As what I'd usually do.
And what am I doing up so early in the morning? 
Have I felt so guilty about letting cobwebs lurk all over the place?
The truth is, I woke up thinking that we were supposed to be working on our rest day and I thought to myself that if I came in early I could log out early too. Good thing I sent an sms to my team captain that she reminded me that it was my regular schedule today since I had someone to swap temporary schedules with for this week. Talk about dopiness.
Maybe, as what my mother said, I got too excited to wear my new shirt that I wanted to go to work that early. Oh well. Rather than going back to sleep and taking back the energy from my body, I'll just surf around the net for a while.

Oh, I recently downloaded movies that I truly enjoyed. And if you're interested on downloading the latest movie there is in the market without being fooled about it being fake or a bad copy then go to this site: ExtraTorrent. I strongly sugg
est you read the comments before downloading so you'll know the rating of each movie by people who had already downloaded and watched them.

One of the movies I downloaded was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
A story about a man who ages backwards. Born an old man (in the body of an infant) and dies as a beautiful baby boy (going back to the body an infant). The heavily CGI-ed movie is quite impressive. I'm not exactly a fan of Brad Pitt, because everytime I hear or see a movie of his it makes me think that he's only getting good reviews because he's good looking. But in this movie he seems somewhat charming, in the sense that it's not too overwhelming but just enough to get you interested about how he's going to look aging younger every 2 years. Isn't it a bit weird? Talking about aging younger. I won't be dishing out details here, wouldn't want to spoil ya. But if you've got nothing better to do, watch this movie and better have chips while you're at it.

Another movie I downloaded was The Love of Siam
I saw this at a local mall, flashing scenes of the movie. What got me interested was the part that the main characters kissed. And so you ask what's new about a couple kissing. Well, for one they're guys. Not the overly-macho type of guys you'd normally see on gay movies but teeny-bopper looking guys. What sets apart this movie from other known gay flicks is the subplot. Again, I won't give out too much detail. All I can say is this movie is worth watching. Whether alone or with your friends.

Oh, and about her? Doing fine beyond what I've expected. 
Marks the first month of Happiness (12-30-08)

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MeL said...

Is it a Thai movie (Love of Siam)?

Avydoovy! I'm glad you took some time to leave some lovin' in my blog. How are you? Busy ka na yata sa lovelife mo? :)