Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wait wait

This is a long overdue post. So much has happened this past week.
First off, I got to meet these Chinese-Filipino youngsters doing charity works through this modeling bit and even performing.
It's fun to watch them.
I felt like I was in this particular movie.
You know, where this person from a totally different world meets up and even helps a group of delinquents and turns them into something better.
It was a proud moment for me, watching them walk through the runway. Not a sign of nervousness, nor panic. To think that they were just kids throughout pr
actice, the transition is just so overwhelming.

Too bad my phone died, I wasn't able to take snapshots of 'em. The reason why this somehow stuck to me is that, I don't really like Chinoys/Chinays. I mean, it's nothing personal, but they just seem to be stuck up brats and snobs. And I know it's bad to judge and even generalize but I can't help it. Then this came along, to teach me that there's more to just being rich and good-looking. I guess it's somehow unbelievable that they're so down-to-earth and so looney. Although not ALL of them were that approachable. Some still acted like snobs. Hey, what are we to do? They're still kids. Life might just turn them another way around.

P.S. I want to kill that guy who was hitting on one of them (whom I fancy). He's fucking ancient, hitting on a kid. WTF?!

Next up - I got to see this summer recital from LBC PAC (Performing Arts Center) based on Disney's High School Musical 2. They showed most of the singing parts.
There were some segments that weren't entirely related to the origi
nal movie, but I guess they had to put that in the show as well to showcase the elderly. I mean no disrespect, but it's quite odd to be seeing them dancing like that. I kept picturing out my mom on stage. Anyway, they gave pretty much hyper performance. The kids were so adorable too. Ok, I won't rant about it too much since I did enjoy watching it with this interesting girl beside me. Anyway...

THE L WORD update:

I just finished watching the 5th Season. Can't believe I have to wait for next year for the last season. Sigh. Anyway, Clementine Ford is so hot. She kinda looks like she's just gotten out of rehab. Still, she's freakin hot for me.

Books, books and books:
I've just
read Mitch Albom's works;

Tuesdays with Morrie - The book felt so overwhelming that it gives a whole new meaning on death and life.
It may seem like what you'd usually see in movies but this was something even more. To be so accepting about dying, and so vibrant with his outlook in life.

Five People You Meet in Heaven - Makes you wonder about the five people that you somehow barely know would greet and guide you through heaven.
Eddie (the main character) felt like he was so unimportant and that his life didn't matter, what he didn't know was that he had also affected the lives of others. The last of the five people was quite unexpected, which was kind of nice. Kind of makes you read the book all over.

For One More Day - What if you were given the chance to talk and be with the person who mattered most to you? What would you do or say?
This book hit the spot. Chick (main character) thought and believed that he had lost everything and that he didn't matter anymore after his mother died. The story shows what most broken family causes the children to bear so much burden. One way of putting it would be, never take anyone for granted even if they let you.

My own:
I'm thinking about going back to school. I've seeked for some advice regarding what course to take. I'm somehow very interested in Psychology (forensics) or Philosophy.
Although some of them said that it's just a waste of time to be studying such a course. I'm not after the money nor the profession that comes with it, I want to know more about human behavior and more. It's not for me to judge people more, but to understand them. Catch my drift?

Monday, May 19, 2008

To the core

What do you call someone who had abruptly let go of a relationship that was meant to last for someone she thought she was still in love with.
Only to find out that she just happened to love her but wasn't really IN love with her.
She had let a chance pass by once again, thinking that it wasn't the real deal.
Regrets. Regrets.
Does she, perhaps deserve a second chance?
And no, she's not out of her mind, nor is she crazy. Just a realization that haunts her every now and then.
And to think, this has been the 3rd time that it ever happened to her.

Yeah, so it's my fault. I haven't really been paying attention that time. I was caught up with being to cool and too hot with my friends.
And so I go wallowing in self-pity. Feeding my ever so low self-esteem with thoughts of never having to meet that one person who can see past my wicked ways.
Did I just say that?

This is what I look like and what people see me as.
Can you see past it?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Blog Awards Challenge 2

I have submitted an entry for Mr. TalkSmart's Blog Awards Challenge 2. And yes, it's a voting competition. So here's the link, if you're interested to vote, just go this site for the instructions handed out by Mr. TalkSmart himself. There are requirements before voting though.

If you want to vote, these are the guidelines:

* To promote peer-to-peer recognition and respect only bona fide bloggers can vote for the competition. Anonymous voters without a valid blog will not be added to the tally of votes.

* Voters must be blogging for at least three (3) months with a minimum of thirty entries in his blog prior to his voting in the competition. This will eliminate phantom voters and reduce incidence of cheating.

* One vote is tallied as 100 points. A voter is allowed to pick three best entries among the finalists.

* The votes are added up and the winner is declared with a Reader’s Choice Award citation.

* The total number of votes (converted into weights) are added to the other weight points as set in the Winner Selection Criteria.

So if you're a bonified blogger and you're interested in voting for me, just go to this link and drop a comment about your choice. ^_^


mine is labeled: The Challenge by scribble with me. :)

p.s. I sooo love Alice.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The L Word

The L Word
: is a television drama series on Showtime that portrays the lives of a group of lesbian and bisexual women and their friends, family and lovers in the trendy Los Angeles-area city of West Hollywood. courtesy of Wikipedia.

One of those shows you try not to watch with a lot of people. In this way, you'd be able to understand the show a lot better. I was never really aware that this was released 4 years ago. When it was aired in Velvet (around this year), it started out with Season 2. That's why I went out to look for the complete copy of the show. Luckily, I was able to find and even bargain 1-4 season copies. It went like a marathon at home. Glued to the monitor. Season 5, I believe, is still airing and doesn't have a dvd copy released just yet. My favorite character would be Shane. So aloof and isolated, but later in the series she comes around to sticking to one girl.

Personally, I like the idea of having this kind of show aired in public and running 6 seasons already. Because, mostly what I see now on TV are gay-guy programs, which is not bad since it's also a sign that people are beginning to accept this new kind of culture. But this particular show is even better. It doesn't generalize lesbianism altogether. It talks about how love is taken and shown in all kinds of forms.

This makes me feel more secured about my sexuality than ever.

"Step up or step off" quoting one of the cast members. Look past beyond the obscene parts and you'll know what the show is all about. I know that some people have yet to learn and understand this new age, where people no longer have to be stuck to that typical boy-girl romantic kind of love.
Criticisms and mockeries will come to rise , still
in time, people will come to realize and accept this fact. Butch, gay, lesbian or bisexual. These are just means to categorize physical appearance and attitude. Through this show, there's no more need to label a person. I'd recommend this to anybody, straight or gay, bored out of their minds or just plain curious.
This is the show for you. But don't get too carried away, not all cast members are gay. You can either love it or not. :)

I'm giving it 4 stars.

It's funny though, how at work people still question my sexuality. I don't really talk about it since it sort of makes me a bit uncomfortable. I just turn on my "showbiz-talk" mode on and say, "No Comment". They can never get past my totally outgoing personality. Oh, yes, I'm not kidding. I do have one of those which is quite the opposite of how I am in the inside. So that would mean I'm both outgoing and ingoing? Haha. You know what I mean. I have a bipolar personality, which I believe most people have as well they just won't admit it.

What if we were all gay?
What would happen?
I think the world will be a totally colorful place.
Don't you think?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Starring: Christina Ricci, James McAvoy and Reese Witherspoon. This is a story somewhere in the middle of fantasy and reality. A curse put upon a girl born from a certain family that will have the face of the pig. And the curse will only be broken unless "one of their kind" learns to love her. She is raised to think that her physical appearance is not entirely hers but of someone else.
The family then assumes that this is somewhat a romantic kind of love to which is why they persist on finding the "right one" for her, which usually ends up ugly since all her suitors run for their lives from the very sight of her.
The snout can't be cut off since her heart was attached to it.
Then comes in this guy mistaken for someone else, but still pretends to like Penelope just so he can get the money to be payed to him if he gets a picture of the pig-faced girl. I'll try not to talk about the entire movie, but as the usual romantic-comedy plot goes, they end up happily together.

After days of begging this friend of mine from work to lend me his copy of the movie, I was finally able to watch it. Not because of the trailers which I haven't seen yet, but because it features my favorite actors; Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon. I've followed Christina's movies way back since the Addams Family days. I even saw her latest film, Speed Racer (which I'll be reviewing sometime later) as well. Her performance is every bit of elegance. I've always admired how she delivers her roles. On this movie though, she portrays this inquisitive and intellectual girl stuck with a snout for a nose, which appears to quite whimsical. I was also expecting Reese Witherspoon to have a bigger role here, sad to say she didn't have that much part here although she was fun to watch. The guy, James McAvoy, even made things look sweeter. His reaction to her seeing him at the last part was heart-pounding. Yeah, I'm not the touchy-feely kind of person but hey, I was moved. And to this I say, I'm impressed. And it's noticeable as well that the point of learning to love oneself is overshadowed by the romantic plot of the film. But still, both the young and the old can enjoy this.

I'm giving it 3 and half stars (out of 5)

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Ride

I look out the window, moving past the trees.
Staring simply at nothing, I begin to ponder about a lot of things.
Things that are and aren't important.
The people I've come to know when I was 2 years younger.
What happened to them? Where are they now?
And why I never got to keep in touch with them.
The last question I know the answer to.

Mostly I've a lot of regrets as to why I grew apart from them in the first place. Relationships that should have never started to begin with. And trust that should have never been broken. I was too naive. I've cornered myself along the edges of this wall I've built. Although I know that it's never too late, I just don't know where to begin when it comes to finding my way back to them again. And yes, it becomes ever so obvious that I'm missing what I had before. Still, maybe the hurt hasn't healed just yet. And yes, the saying "time heals" is overrated. Faces so vivid even in my dreams.
Will I ever meet them again?

Oh, here's my stop. It sometimes amazes me about all the things I can think of, in one ride.Back to work again.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ako ulit

Kulitan time! Got tagged by Sarah, thanks btw.
Way back in elementary til high school I enjoyed filling up "autograph" books. It's sort of one way of letting the other person know what you like, objectively, without you having to say it personally. And I usually like reading the motto and define love part. You get all sorts of answers, mostly taken out from a book. Oh, and how about the dreaded question such as "Who was your first kiss/love/crush?"
Others would just beat around the bush and put in something totally uninteresting.
Anyway I'll try, as much as possible, to answer most of the questions.

Name: Avy Silva
Age: 20
Address: err. Is this something to wear? oh ADDRESS, i thought it was a dress. umm. somewhere around here.
Telephone No: 1234567
Cell Phone No: i don't own one
Birthday: 11-06-87
Birthplace: I honestly don't know. (scratches head)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
School: graduate na ako! woohoo
Height: sikweto.
Weight: 42 kg
Waistline: sikweto.
Favorite food: Sinigang na baboy or bangus. Adobo. French Fries lang ng McDo at burger sa Space Burger.
Favorite drinks: cofee - cali
Favorite color: Green
Favorite number: 7
Favorite cartoon character: Hmm. How come I can't think of anyone right now? Umm, TIGGER!
Favorite TV show: CSI(NY, Miami, LV), House
Favorite actor: none
Favorite actress:
Kristen Stewart (not that her acting skills chuva amaze me, I find her pretty. tee-hee)
Favorite singer: david archuleta? haha!
Favorite commercial: locally? WALA!
Favorite brand of shirt: Oxygen
Favorite brand of shoes: nike
Favorite animal: tigers. rawr.
Favorite pet: dog? mostly because we own 5 of them.
Favorite chocolate: Cadbury
Favorite candy: SKITTLES!
Describe yourself: I am utterly, annoyingly, adorable. (Jawdropping?)
Who was your first crush: eto na nga ba sinasabi ko. I sort of forgot her name. Oh wait, I think it was Julie. Yeah, sort of like that.
What age: can't remember.
Where did you meet your first crush: classroom (seatmates, tee-hee)
Who is your crush in present: would it be unbelievable to have none?
What was your most unforgettable moment: Winning the badminton championship.
What was your most embarrassing moment: mistaking this person as someone i know.
Who was your first love: I forgot. (Bawal ang pork, bawal ang beans...)
Who are your friends: definitely too many to mention.
Who is your best friend: I don't have one.
Who is your enemy: Too many to mention rin, people hate me coz I'm so darn irresistable. (bumabagyo na ba?)
Likes: Sensible
Dislikes: Mayabang na walang maipagmamayabang.
Why: Need i say more?
Define Love: Love is something we think we understand but clearly we don't. It is in fact, supposed to be unconditional. It is not something that you have to get back as well. But human as we are, we end up expecting it back. To make it short, love is a selfless act not for another person but of a higher power. (am I preaching already?)

And for my 5 tags, drum roll please. Well, it appears that most people I know aren't exactly fond of this kind of tags. But hey, for anyone who has time. Feel free to answer this, you can put in my name as well. Hehe

5 more days til sweldo. Yahoo!