Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've never been too good at arguments. I walk out of the conversation easily. Hands down. It's not that I don't know how to defend myself, nor am I bad at proving people I'm right.

It might just be because I'm tired. Tired of having to mouth off words that I know will lead to nothing but pain and more trouble. I've worn myself out that mentally, I can't seem to get my whole system to work like what it used to.
Although, it's a lot different when you're having a fight with someone you love. It tends to get a bit complicated. 

You try to hold yourself back from saying too much that as you try to reason out, you end up losing as you give up the fight. Thinking that if you'd go on with it, your ego wins but then you'll lose the one you love. Never mistake your pride to something you think losing someone important is worth it.

You ask if this has something to do with what had recently happened. You're right. It's just a little misunderstanding that was a bit my fault. I know well enough not to push it. I did apologize, but she's still upset. 


psyche said...

you can always find peace in silence. =)

thank you for droppping by.

MeL said...

I hope things are better now. Aja aja!

Clappy said...

Ah yes. I hate confrontations too. Sadly, it's inevitable in a relationship. Knowing that, I expect disagreements to happen anytime but I won't argue each of them. I choose my battles. Some are just not worth all the stress and aggravation. Setting ego and pride aside and keeping an open mind is the best course of action most times. heh

Anyway, as the poster above said, I hope things are better now.

Anonymous said...

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Ishna Probinsyana said...

Nakakapagod talagang makipag argue. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Nakakapagod. Kaya minsan mas okay na tumahimik na lang.

But I hope okay na ang lahat ngayon. :)

bitchvarsity said...

i like your point on pride. pag nag aaway din kami ng gf ko, mas malaki pa ang Gspot sa pride ko. hahaha!

suyuin mo lang. wag mong awayin, bibigay rin yan. hehe =) hope things are better now! =) after all, love is self-correcting.

es said...

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