Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food trip

Got nothing to say for the moment. Let's eat.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little bit

It's keeping me alive once more. My passion has caught up with me. I so want to make this right. I know myself too much, about getting all excited about something and in the end it'll blow up in my face.
Which is why, if I'm going to heed this calling I might as well make it right. Don't you think?
That's why I've been sort of practicing. I'm a fan of Kaba Modern, that's why I'm kinda trying to learn from their choreography. Just for the heck of it.

Add to that, a lot of dance contest/challenges are up at our office. I'm picking out people who got the right stuff to fit in the right groove.
I don't want to be so high school about all of this. I must admit, I am getting a bit excited. Since the theme now is like that of Step Up 2 (let's just see how far they go with the theme), I'm pretty sure some of the moves I'm trying to learn will be useful.

Here's a clip of what I'm trying to learn as of the moment. 
Only the first part though 
(When we Oooo by Janet Jackson)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


With so much stuff going on, one can never figure out what's real and not. What's genuine and fake.
I've been the ever supportive friend. In a way, I've been too much of a sponge. But throughtout those times I've had to listen to the same stories over and over, I never once complained.
Well, not until now. I've never really asked for anything in return. As what I've always said, expectations will result to disappointments. Life is full of it.
Anyway, so this certain person offers me a listening ear. Would I want to burden her with all the drama in my life? Nah.
Getting things off my chest and pouring it all out on her won't change anything.
As you continue on reading this, you'll figure out how cynical I have become from all the things I've been through (which of course is not needed to be listed here.)
A hopeless case? Perhaps. I'm still struggling. It's difficult to be among people you think you're comfortable with but not to the extent that you can trust them fully.
I still have my guard on. I can't stand more lies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The "Thank You" Girls

"The 'Thank You' Girls" is a Visayan film with a gay lingo twist.
Tired of losing in all the beauty competitions in Davao City, five dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans decide to travel north to Cagayan de Oro City, in the island of Mindanao.
Their mission: to conquer the grandest competition of beauty, personality and brains in the whole province.
They believe that being city dwellers, gays in the province will never stand a chance against them.
(courtesy of their official site.)

I saw clips of the movie being shown on a local tv channel and got interested. Unlike most gay indie films, this is relatable to straight and gay people alike, young and old. I was able to watch it with my co-workers on its last day at the movies. I was amazed at how they had shown parts of my hometown (Davao). How inviting the place looked like. Their "roadtrip" adventure to gay beauty pageants had few dull moments. Everyone was in character. Except for that Carlos guy who couldn't speak in fuckin straight Visayan. His Tagalog accent made it awkward to even listen to him. How I wish they would have made him mute instead. *haha*

Still, I did appreciate the movie. The witty lines and certain scenes. Gie Salonga, who's a half-brother/sister of the Lea Salonga, is in the movie. I honestly didn't know anything about him not until my friend told me about his family thing with Lea S. And to think he didn't have any Visayan or what-not blood in him and he could speak the dialect perfectly. (Of course, he had a tutor for that.) Still, he pulled it off quite well.
The lives of the heroines in this movie are shown through the eyes of their beloved jeepney (Char Lang) *really, that's the name of the jeepney*. You can even find some quottable quotes from the lines they throw.

I recommend this movie for those barkadas, families and just plain people-who-know-each-other-as-acquaintances. It's not dangerous for the faint of heart, so you can pretty much enjoy this movie. (Understanding the gay lingo beforehand is a plus as well.)

And for reading this post, I thank you very much.

Giving this movie, 3 stars (out of five of course).

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here's my new wallpaper for my Friendster account. :)

Click here to make it larger.
Looking for other tutorials. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Out the window

I have simply lost all the respect that there was supposed to be left for our ever scandalous and crackpot government.
Not that I care deeply about our country or whatever, somehow that sense of security is slowly slipping away too.
Ain't it amazing how that ZTE scandal simply vanished into thin air. Wonder if that guy got shot or something.
Oh politics, I was never really great at them.

Anywho, my desire to look for a better job has been put to a
halt. Not because I love my current job ever so much but of the fact that if I'm going to resign now, I'd be missing out on our Christmas cup.
And I'm expected to be present since we're the defending ch
ampions in Badminton mixed doubles division.
This plan of taking on a diferent type of job has been postponed too many times already.
Hayy. Perhaps I won't say anything or plan anything for now, so it won't blow up on my face right away.

Oh, is anyone following the VMA's Challenge for Best Danc
e Crew?
Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak are the top two.
And just recently, Fanny Pak had been announced as the winner.I was soooo rooting for Kaba Modern,
though I didn't exactly find anyt
hing new on their choreo.
But I still love them. Fanny Pak may have one the war but never the battle. (Do I sound like a psycho-fanatic?)

I wasn't entirely interested in watching the most talked about show for the moment.
But then I got bored and rather than watching an hour long movie, I decided to buy a dvd copy.
And yes, I am talking about GG.
A whole lot better than The OC, which has so much friggin drama. Though GG also has its oh-so dramaticans uper alcoholic moments, it comes fashionably with style.
And Chuck is the least handsome yet most interesting character among the whole cast.
Too bad Eric's gay, him and Jenny would have made a cute couple.

I'll be going out tomorrow night with my teammates. Drink til we drop. Dress to kill. I'd prefer Suit to Kill though.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Out loud

When will this bitter-sweet sensation end? All the endless pain and nerve wracking emotions must somehow come to an end. And not one single sentence will suffice what had been done.

You ask if I had been too afflicted of the events that had come to pass. Perhaps a little unexpected and greatly made an impact.

I, for one, had been hurt and is hurting still. Yet amidst all of this I am searching for something else. Something that could, once again hurt me.

I have learned so many things these past few months, although not totally everything that would make me a self-made billionaire. Reflections? I have been doing that ever since I enjoyed lurking around the city by myself.

I have learned that even though a person is alone he's not exactly a loner. And neither is a loner alone. But the contradiction comes through me. I let myself be taken for granted and have made no effort of being intimately involved with anyone (other than romantic concerns). I am not one who greatly expresses herself to anyone. But given the right moment and enough beer, then perhaps I might get a little serious.

Shelled for almost 20 years of my oh so blissful life in one city, with similar faces add to that new people from all walks of life can be pretty... boring.

This loner, yes I do admit I am one, is seeking out to a new world. Begging it to interest her in leaving the spot she's always filled and move in to the other side of the country (since that's what she can only afford).
Move away from people that has always reminded her of matters so screwed up that there's no sense on even thinking about it.

Perhaps I may be going around in circles, and that's what I'm practically good at. But a point has to come out from all of this.

I may have walls put around me, I may have been putting on capricious persona. Who hasn't? Let us not kid ourselves about the fact that in order to get through the day you'd have to not be you for people to understand you.
So in order for me to fully understand and grasp that whole meaning of being humanely sane, I have to get out of here. And get out there (pointing to a certain island on a world map)
I prefer going alone, but hey, feel free to come along. It's going to be one crazy ride.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Soul

A lost soul had been last seen in an empty street. It was raining that night, the soul did not bring anything to make itself warm. As if losing hope of finding what had been taken from it, the soul continued on.
Going through the same alleys it had been through before.

The memories have made the soul flinch, all the supposed-to-be-forgotten memories had now come back.
The soul thought to itself not to mind the pain for it had long passed.

But then a flash of light shone through.
A black figure is now seen walking forward, as if blocking the luminous light.

"Who are you?" said the soul.

The black figure stopped, face seemed so vague.

"Who are you?" the soul repeated.

"My name is of no importance, I am here to offer you freedom from this loneliness and suffering you are going through.
I will provide you everything that you need. And you shall forget about your past and move on with your life."

"Are you like God or something?"

"There is no need for you to know about my being. All this I offer, of course will come with a price."

"I'm not interested." The soul said, walking past the light.

"Salvation will always come with a price."

"I said, I'm not interested."

And so the black figure disappeared not before saying, "Very well then, I shall meet with you again soon."

It saw a diner up ahead, an empty diner.
The lady at the counter stared at the pale looking figure who seemed to be confused.
It occupied the seat at the corner that looked through the glass window. It saw different figures with different glows on their chest passing by. Salvation, as what the figure had said, had been offered to it.
The risk of taking on such an unusual but tempting offer.
But what is there to be afraid of?
Pain is inevitable and the soul had always survived.

Will you try to reason out to yourself?

The soul had been in a trance, as if in deep thought.

Just then, a bright yellow glow came toward it's table.

"Are you alone?"

Without looking at the figure, the soul answered "I always have..."

Just then, the alarm went off. 5:20am. I need to get ready. Off to work.