Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Thinking I'd be in for a treat watching the comic-based movie "Watchmen", I convinced some of my friends to watch it with me.
The movie is in a way loyal to the graphic novel, making the movie itself quite epic. But the director's overwhelming loyalty has failed to make the movie itself, while watching it, captivating.
Tickets' price was reasonable since it's a lengthy movie. But what can you make out of a movie that seems pretty boring til the end.
As I was staring at the big movie screen, I kept thinking to myself what if I'd watched Confessions of a Shopaholic instead. Maybe it'll be less boring.
No doubt that the actors had delivered their roles pretty well, still the movie lacked something. Thrill and action. There were some scenes that seemed too gross or gory, something was still missing.

It's one of those novel/comics/game-based movies that makes you think the director had assumed the audience had a grasp with it's background.
Therefore, leaving an unsatisfied movie-goer.

I've yet to watch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, because I've been hearing that it's better than Watchmen.

Til next movie review.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Losing Heart

What happens.. when you're in the midst of happiness and you're faced with such deep sorrow.
When death has finally swept in, waiting by the bedside. For the last breath to be let out.
What happens.. when you are forced to take on such responsibilities you're not prepared to handle.
When emotions before had never mattered but it has gravely caused you to shut down totally.
When all hope seems to be lost, what happens when you don't know how to find redemption and spiritual guidance.

I'm too overwhelmed with the things going on at work that I don't know how to react to the fact my dear Aunt who had been trying to fight to live, had been brought in the ICU again.
Stating that if she was to suffer or have another heart attack, she doesn't want to be resuscitated.
Inch by inch, I feel the sadness. Creeping into my veins.

I try not to feel too much sadness. I know it'll affect my work and other things.

I'm worried about my cousin who, at his age and how he was brought up, is now left with one parent.
I'll be looking after him from now on.

Such complications.