Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What do you make of an old soul dying..
Is it enough to say that it has lived out its last?
Minutes, days, months and years of life filled with questions
Most of them have been left unanswered..

What do you see beyond a horizon..
When night and day takes a peek into our world..

Should it be any wonder why we try to seek satisfaction
Endlessly through a fast-paced life
And when all has been left to be a puzzle..
What do we make of this then..

Thursday, April 2, 2009


In a couple of days, I will no longer be the normal person (as I claim to be) that you know today.
Our schedule, team name and all of that has now changed. And we are going to be transferred to night shift. 9PM to be exact.
I'm finding it difficult to deal with the team I'm with right now. They get dumber by the minute, well some of them that is.
I may be a little unfair since some of them are still new to the job but still, I don't know how some of them passed communication skills training.
I think they need re-training. But who cares what I think, right?
Anyway, they bore me to death. That's why I'm finding ways of having myself transferred to a different team with a different shift. Perhaps 2am or 4am.
The sad part about that would be not being with my parfait, but she understands why I'd want to transfer anyway. Aside from isolating myself from annoying newbies
and unfathomable grammar, the pay's better with my preferred shift.

Segwey to family issues.
My Aunt just died last night. I came home from our Badminton Semi-Finals at work and I came across my mom who was on her way to the hospital because they received news about her sister passing away.
She told me to go home right away to accompany my cousin, who's still a kid, alone at our house (we live in one house).
That stupid pedicab driver even saw my mom crying and didn't even budge, still waiting for other passengers. As I got home, I saw him crying. Telling me about how his mother seemed okay hours before she had passed away.
It must have been too great of a pain that my aunt had simply given up hope of recovery. Too much dialysis had weakened her body. I know it will take time for the family to heal but I can't seem to share the same emotion as what they have.
Although I do understand the gravity of the situation, still I can't force myself to feel pain, depression and grief (though, in most cases it does come naturally without cause).
I'll miss her. Her wacky personality. Being head of the infection control committee of one of the prestigious hospitals here in Davao, you'd be surprised.

And how about me? Am I alright?
I can't answer that. I'm caught in between work, play and family responsibilities. And all of this has made me numb. Perhaps not too numb, but a little bit overwhelmed that I can't express myself. Just a blank face. As if there was a void in my hypothalamus.

Til next update.