Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Thinking I'd be in for a treat watching the comic-based movie "Watchmen", I convinced some of my friends to watch it with me.
The movie is in a way loyal to the graphic novel, making the movie itself quite epic. But the director's overwhelming loyalty has failed to make the movie itself, while watching it, captivating.
Tickets' price was reasonable since it's a lengthy movie. But what can you make out of a movie that seems pretty boring til the end.
As I was staring at the big movie screen, I kept thinking to myself what if I'd watched Confessions of a Shopaholic instead. Maybe it'll be less boring.
No doubt that the actors had delivered their roles pretty well, still the movie lacked something. Thrill and action. There were some scenes that seemed too gross or gory, something was still missing.

It's one of those novel/comics/game-based movies that makes you think the director had assumed the audience had a grasp with it's background.
Therefore, leaving an unsatisfied movie-goer.

I've yet to watch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, because I've been hearing that it's better than Watchmen.

Til next movie review.


bitchvarsity said...

geez. street fighter sucked too. too many subpolts. lousy fight scenes. dragging story. i wish i watched shopaholic nalang din. hahay.

kcatwoman said...

well i actually liked watchmen, but i hate all the unecessary scenes like the gore and the sex, and nudity, hello doctor manhattan. ahaha. anyway, i will try to watch streetfighter too.keep in touch