Sunday, November 16, 2008

Strawberry Parfait

The title is tempting, isn't it? My favorite dessert. Makes me smile too.
I've always tried to avoid saying something at a certain point that will have me regret and experience the opposite sooner.
I've never been that expressive with feelings or anything that relates to being all sentimental and acting too sweet.
Then came this person who is my exact opposite (except for the gender).
Too sweet, too sensitive and too much great of a friend. Never in my entire 20 years have I met or even had a friend like her.
She's a gem.
This is my only way of letting the world know of how appreciative I am for knowing someone like her.
Even though people at work kind of talks about us being too close, I don't care because there is definitely nothing beyond that closeness.
I've found someone whom I can confide in and talk about things I've never managed to tell other people.
Although trusting her with everything about me will be a little difficult since I have trust issues.
You break it and it will never be fixed.

Things have been pretty hectic at work.
I'm still caught up with our badminton and volleyball tournament as well as our dance production for the Christmas Party.
Tomorrow (Monday), we'll start working on Step Up 2 production. Getting a bit excited about it because our choreographer seems to know his stuff.
Our Step Up 1 production's not that bad so hopefully the  Step Up 2 part will be better :)

Til next update.


Ishna Probinsyana said...

aww. friends like her are really gems! :) at nagutom ako sa picture!!! :P

MeL said...

Good for you that you found a true friend. :)

Hey, I can't wait to see your Step Up 2 Prod. Goodluck!