Friday, February 6, 2009

Avy is worried.

I am deeply troubled by the sudden hospitalization of my Aunt.
It just seems so ironic that she'd be confined in the same hospital that she's been working for most of her life.
She had too many strokes. Which even the doctors themselves are still trying to figure out what caused the attacks.

Just recently, she's having another attack. I am left, yet again to watch over the house while they all went to the hospital.
Earlier today, I got to visit her. It was at that time that I got to see her awake. She's been in the ICU for quite some time now.
As I stepped into her room, seeing me she raised her hand a bit. With the rosary still in her hand, she wanted me to hold her hand.
Honestly, I'm not that very close to my family. But the responsibilities I am supposed to take on in this family, I am filling in.
I'm not nagging about having to come home early from work just so I can house sit. I've had to set work-related activities aside to attend to this situation.
Something people at work don't seem to understand. Of course, I'm not one to explain something more than once to different people.
So it's better for them to be disappointed at me rather than having to apologize and explain over and over what has been happening.

Back to my visit, I was of course very moved. I held her hand. I had this strange feeling. I wanted to cry but I held back my tears, afraid that it might affect her or let her know that I'm scared.
I am, in fact scared. This is all too sudden. To think she is the head of the Infection Control Committee. I am worried that her only son might not emotionally make it through. He's still too young and too pampered by his mother.
Of her husband who' still trying to fit in the family even though he's been living with us (btw, we live in the same house) ever since they got married with my aunt.

I do hope and pray that God will watch over her and keep her safe. She has still so much to do here on Earth that I pray to God for mercy and for recovery.

We all need her. I need her. Without her, there will always be a void. A sense of emptiness in the family. Something even the dogs have perhaps felt too with the way they're acting.
She makes us feel complete.

May God have pity on us and bring her safely back to us.


Bryan Karl said...

I hope she gets well soon...
Good luck to you and your family...
Everything will be well... :)

tina said...

avy... all my loving thoughts to your aunt. *hugs*

Ishna Probinsyana said...

How is she doing now? I hope she's healthy na.