Friday, May 22, 2009

American Idol Season 8

Is American Idol Homophobic?

The show may as well be damn rigged. Where winners would always be the 2nd performer.
If you remember, Clay Aiken might have been forced to conceal his true sexuality since being "out" hasn't been the latest "in" at that time.
Now we have a proud and meek talented star and yet has been deprived of what he truly deserves just because an underdog who pretty much another guy who knows how to sing along with his piano and guitar.
I'm not saying he doesn't have talent. The guy's GOT talent. But if you can just do the whole recap about him singing "No Boundaries", the coronation song, it almost ate him up. He can't even keep up with the song's climax.
So this season 8's American Idol is yet another light rock singer on the block.

Now, what if Adam Lambert DID win AI?
Tempting question, and damn right I'd say "Hell, YEAH"
The guy's an entertainer. You'd never know exactly what you'd get. A performer who genuinely pours his heart out with every song.
Since Adam has experience with theater, the stage and the like, obviously he can do a lot of things other than sing. Proclaim the obvious why don't you.
If Adam's going to make a record, he can make tons probably with each track coming from different genres. Since he seems capable of singing almost anything.
I'm looking forward to what AI is going to do with their first runner up.

Why do I prefer Adam over Kris?

Well, for one Kris is too damn boring. So what if he can sing while playing his guitar or piano, who hasn't done that before anyway.
Adam just goes all out with whatever he's got in mind. Pure energy and entertainment. He's got more range and style. He knows to make his choice of songs work.

Sad part about all this is that, this will be the season where AI is going to be bombarded with rants of crowning a Christian over an openly gay star.

Then again Adam is still and will always be straight-up larger than Idol.

My horoscope says I should "try to be the first person to speak up if something unfair or unjust happens today."
Exactly what I'm doing now. ^_^

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es said...

i also thought that Adam's gonna be the AI of the season..but i guess the lesson there for us viewers or spectators is that, sometimes we cannot expect too much from what's already obvious. and that sometimes, there is thrill in knowing that even an underdog can make it. i love that surprised look in Kris' face when his name was announced as winner.:)

well, they're both great.