Monday, May 4, 2009

Out Cold

I never got to see the fight as it was aired. I slept through the entire show.
Good thing they aired it again last night. With only 2 rounds, Britain's Hatton was knocked out cold with a quick left hook from Pacquiao.
It was so fast it had about 10 replays, or more I kind of lost count.
Hatton seemed kind of cocky, serves him right. With his countrymen booing, taunting and mocking other Filipinos watching along with them in the arena, they got creamed well enough to shut them up.
Although I was kind of looking forward for more rounds of Pacquiao's cleverly-induced punches on Hatton. Seemed that Hatton didn't have enough cockiness in him to withstand Pacquiao's left hook when he was wide open as he tried to counter-attack when he thought Pacquiao was about to fall for his first move.
You'll notice, in the fight, that Hatton was somehow using all his resources to slow down Pacquiao. Trapping Pacman's elbow and arms in between his while throwing cheat punches at him.
Serves him right.

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