Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Never really liked Gokey that much

So what's up with AI and me ranting about it?
Well, for one, this is the first time I've ever followed through American Idol. I almost kind of did AI's season 7, but I found them kind of boring. But this, you've got a flamboyant superstar and an oh-so-down-to-earth talented kid. I've really heard nor saw all of his performances, maybe because he had a guitar or played the piano which for me passes for a John Mayer type of style. But as I've been contemplating and seeing video reels, he's a good guy. Both of them huggin' it out. Kind of cute too.
As for Adam, I've followed through all of his performances even from the day he auditioned. I knew he was something. Like what I felt when I saw David Cook's audition.
And what about Danny Gokey? Honestly, I thought he was a good singer but then personality-wise not THAT good. I don't know, maybe it's because of the interviews and the fact that he's lame and boring too. I know about how his late wife had encouraged him to join the show, but seems like that has been what he's always talking about. As it drags on, so has my vote for him.

Love Adam and Kris. Love Adam more :)

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Maria Catherine said...

I've never followed any American Idol show. It just doesn't appeal to me. lol.

I do think Kris is cute. haha.