Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Peaceful Warrior

I have just finished watching The Peaceful Warrior.

Dan Millman (Scott Mechlowicz) is a college gymnast with Olympic dreams who's world is turned upside down when he meets a mysterious stranger called Socrates (Nick Nolte). Socrates holds the power to tap into new worlds of strength and understanding. After a serious injury, with the help of Socrates and an elusive young woman named Joy (Amy Smart), Dan discovers he has much to learn and even more to leave behind before he can become a peaceful warrior and find his destiny.

courtesy of Moviefone

My friend suggested I watch film, saying it might enlighten me or something.

Well, first of all before you guys start downloading or purchasing a copy online, mind you this is not a movie for everyone.
But if you look past the exterior and listen to each line said then you'd understand the depth of what this film is all about.

I won't exactly dish out the details here about the movie. All I'd like to share is that this movie will refresh your mind about what the difference about wisdom and knowledge is. Release your inner inhibitions.

In other news, I found something quite strange.

I've just checked my Friendster account and noticed the number of people who has recently viewed me has increased.
When I visited some of their profiles, it seemed as if they were newly registered accounts. Each with different name and all that.
Containing only one different picture (which btw, happens to look as if they were just copied off from the internet from someone else's account) from each profile's album.

Now, I don't really care who views my profile since it's private anyway therefore insufficient access to my info and stuff.) Nor do I think this is a big deal.

I just wanted to take this time to write something out of nothing. Well, technically not nothing but of something that appeared quite odd.
Facebook is still better than FS, that's for sure.

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