Friday, June 5, 2009

Here's What's UP

This might be it. I've just gotten word that they are now releasing the results of the exam we've taken 2 weeks ago. I had preferred a different application before I knew I was eligible to take the exam. But something inside of me wanted to pursue different options. Sad to say that the position I had originally planned to apply for didn't seem to bother giving me a heads up. Whether I'm up for an interview or they just didn't like me. What a way for slow rejection.

As for the good news. I have, finally, received good news of something I've kind of been wanting to pursue.

This is really great. Even though I know that they might opt for what they think are better suited people for the job, at least I gotten past their standards *just a bit though*
It was a good thing the people I waited for the results with went home when they called my name, otherwise they'd known that I passed. It's not that I don't want anyone to know. My lack of self-esteem, has made me bet on NOT passing.
Hopefully, they wouldn't find out. Otherwise I'd be paying them a hundred bucks.

I'm just concerned about that one part of the exam, the dreaded Test 4 (which was btw all about words I don't know what the hell they mean).

She said that it was made as a separate basis for an individual's capability/skill when it comes to grammar and all that
stuff. I'm not that good, nor perfect with composition or grammar. But I know how to make a sentence work. What to use and NOT use in a conversation. It's a good thing I'm a blogger. This has totally groomed my talent for words, making stories and stuff. Hopefully I can use this as an edge or something.

God does have greater plans for me. ^_^

For other news. I'm becoming a bit obsessed with Adam Lam
(for those who doesn't know who he is, Adam's is the runner-up for American Idol Season 8. With Kris Allen being the Season 8's Idol.) Obsessed, for me means signing up for his official website. And pretty much that's it. I'm not exactly a stalker-type-obsessed-psycho. I just read all the articles and watch videos of him online. Even if it means I'd have to constantly refresh updates on my Twitter to check the latest about Glambert. ^_^

Anyone using Plurk? It's kind of in a way like Twitter, but a bit annoying. Specially when it comes to getting updates-per-second on your timeline. THAT YOU DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT.
I've decided to delete my Plurk account and faithfully use Twitter. I mostly follow, Ashton Kutcher (who has about 2 million followers already), Ryan Seacrest (for American Idol/Adam Lambert updates), Perez Hilton (for fun and idiotic insults on celebs), and some of my friends (just 2 of them to be exact).

And now, I must go off to bed. Since I haven't slept yet and my insides hurt from battling in the restroom.

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