Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Tube

Isn't it tiring to see, hear and talk about nothing but this sex video scandal going on?
First of all, the videos aren't that great. No action at all.
I just want to point out the fact that Hayden's got no future at directing/shooting videos/films.
I feel for those who have been victims of this pervert. But please, to be constantly ranting about it?
The thing is, this kind of stuff like sex videos going out in public is not a new thing. Even commoners have fallen victim to this perverse epidemic.
But you don't hear nor see them bringing in the whole media to complain and shit. Of course, we get it.
You're a star. You don't deserve to be treated this way. He needs to go to jail. He needs to be punished for what he did.
Now you hear all this BS babble on the news, this time the lawyers get the screen time. Throwing lawyer-stuff crap about who gets more points in court.
And this actor-turned-politician should stop taking sides and mind his own life. Even he has a lot of scandals up his sleeves. Getting involved with this scandal circus might divulge his past.
In short, keep your nose out of it and pretend to work your ass off for your beloved country.

Now this is just something most of us tune in for the sake of forgetting how prices are going up, gasoline's slowly going back to it's outrageous rate and the flu.
We only get news about how the A(H1N1) is now spreading slowly day by day.
It's kind of scary to think that if you're having a fever and you go to the hospital you'd get quarantined.
One of the many reasons why this virus has increased the number of people afflicted.
I'm not saying that media coverage about this should override all scheduled programs, that might scare the kids some more (if they even care.)
It's just a matter of setting the media's priorities here. Then again, who cares. Let's wait til this hits the president. LOL

It's funny how, on the tube, senators act all proper nagging about how other senators have been milking funds for so-called benefit-for-the-people projects.
The other one counters, adding spice with his words. Then the other one's ego gets hurt and there you go. Another field day for the press.
Why not put them all in jail. That way convicts can give them a piece of their minds. Wouldn't that be fun.

Election. Election.
Don't get me started with this.
Then again...
With the upcoming election, some politcians had groomed themselved for the public already. Perhaps too early that it comes off as arrogant and annoying.
But who cares. It's all rigged anyway. No matter what organized movement the YOUTH has, positions have been filled out already after the so-called election.
That Escudero dude has a point about implementing an automated voting system where it's more vulnerable and prone to miscalculation, worse tinker with the results.
And wtf about Estrada (damn right I'm naming names), running again. For what? As president? Has he not brought enough shame to this country?
The nerve of him. Sure, he's all sweet and the people love him. But running our government is totally out of his league. Why don't he stick to doing charity works instead.
At least he DOES make some people happy.
I don't play favorites. Nor do I watch debates between politicians, because it's all BS.

Care to disagree?

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Maria Catherine said...

This is why I rarely watch the new about the Philippines. It depresses me. It's all about band news...