Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Blabbers

I watched idly as time passed by. With me just staying at home. Itching to go out but something's holding me back. Laziness. Yes folks, I am in fact lazy when in bed. My mind wanders of million miles away yet my body stays glued to the sheets of my bed.

I try not to think about work, since I'm supposed to be resting.

I can't help but count the hours, the minutes and the seconds that go by for me to back at the office. I still have one more day to TRY and relax.

Big dreams. Material stuff. Happiness. Wholeness.
With days of not doing anything productive, I haven't found the answer to most of my needs yet.

In time, I know I will have many, I'd be where I want to be. Whether it be in a stress-induced environment or out in the wilderness.

I'll keep in mind though that I should be out of the city limits when on leave.


Bam the Great said...

abidubi! *hugs*
at least you're only lazy in bed. I'm lazy ALL the time! =))

minsan nga tinatamad na akong maging tamad kaya lang, nakakatamad magbago. =))

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