Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wide Open

Too much happiness. Too much pain.
You can never have everything.
So many disappointments.
Better to not have anything at all.

How depressing it is to think that,
I am overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds me.

The efforts I make on being pretentious,
when things have never been different.

Vindictive and disdained, seems at a loss
No sense of direction, or purpose at the most

Vagueness and transparency, oh the irony.

Should I stay or should I go?
Should I deprive myself of happiness.
Wallow in misery?
So I can feel the need of empathy?

A simple play on words, and on life
To live in ambiguity, is to feel alive
For change is the only thing that is constant..

Optimism has never been auspicious.
To be an antagonist to oneself, has been what I am.
And as I walk past through the crowd,
I constrain myself from conformity and decadence.

When everything seemingly looks simple, it all becomes very complicated.


El-ei said...

So galing mo pa rin magsulat Avy! Applause!!!

Bam the Great said...

^ agree :)

DPM said...

Nice poem!!! :) If you have time, please check out my austin home theater site. :D Thanks.