Monday, May 19, 2008

To the core

What do you call someone who had abruptly let go of a relationship that was meant to last for someone she thought she was still in love with.
Only to find out that she just happened to love her but wasn't really IN love with her.
She had let a chance pass by once again, thinking that it wasn't the real deal.
Regrets. Regrets.
Does she, perhaps deserve a second chance?
And no, she's not out of her mind, nor is she crazy. Just a realization that haunts her every now and then.
And to think, this has been the 3rd time that it ever happened to her.

Yeah, so it's my fault. I haven't really been paying attention that time. I was caught up with being to cool and too hot with my friends.
And so I go wallowing in self-pity. Feeding my ever so low self-esteem with thoughts of never having to meet that one person who can see past my wicked ways.
Did I just say that?

This is what I look like and what people see me as.
Can you see past it?


Anonymous said...

that's a nice

lunes said...

yeayyeay. sa wakas. ahaha. evil laugh. pwede na ko magkomento..

aaaw.regrets, yan ang bagay na ayaw ko..

tina said...

hi abidubi. kumusta naman oiii? i will let you borrow the book after Ana (mu uli sya japan in 2 weeks... so sya na lng sa ako ipabasa.. nya next ikaw na.. ha? )

nagkita mi ni Lorg... lingaw daw kaayo ka kauban. which is.. tinuod man diod. wehehe. ayo ayo..

OT kaayo ko. sagdii lang.

lunes said...

oi dumaan uli.wehehe. update..para makapagkomento ako..adik ako eh...