Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wait wait

This is a long overdue post. So much has happened this past week.
First off, I got to meet these Chinese-Filipino youngsters doing charity works through this modeling bit and even performing.
It's fun to watch them.
I felt like I was in this particular movie.
You know, where this person from a totally different world meets up and even helps a group of delinquents and turns them into something better.
It was a proud moment for me, watching them walk through the runway. Not a sign of nervousness, nor panic. To think that they were just kids throughout pr
actice, the transition is just so overwhelming.

Too bad my phone died, I wasn't able to take snapshots of 'em. The reason why this somehow stuck to me is that, I don't really like Chinoys/Chinays. I mean, it's nothing personal, but they just seem to be stuck up brats and snobs. And I know it's bad to judge and even generalize but I can't help it. Then this came along, to teach me that there's more to just being rich and good-looking. I guess it's somehow unbelievable that they're so down-to-earth and so looney. Although not ALL of them were that approachable. Some still acted like snobs. Hey, what are we to do? They're still kids. Life might just turn them another way around.

P.S. I want to kill that guy who was hitting on one of them (whom I fancy). He's fucking ancient, hitting on a kid. WTF?!

Next up - I got to see this summer recital from LBC PAC (Performing Arts Center) based on Disney's High School Musical 2. They showed most of the singing parts.
There were some segments that weren't entirely related to the origi
nal movie, but I guess they had to put that in the show as well to showcase the elderly. I mean no disrespect, but it's quite odd to be seeing them dancing like that. I kept picturing out my mom on stage. Anyway, they gave pretty much hyper performance. The kids were so adorable too. Ok, I won't rant about it too much since I did enjoy watching it with this interesting girl beside me. Anyway...

THE L WORD update:

I just finished watching the 5th Season. Can't believe I have to wait for next year for the last season. Sigh. Anyway, Clementine Ford is so hot. She kinda looks like she's just gotten out of rehab. Still, she's freakin hot for me.

Books, books and books:
I've just
read Mitch Albom's works;

Tuesdays with Morrie - The book felt so overwhelming that it gives a whole new meaning on death and life.
It may seem like what you'd usually see in movies but this was something even more. To be so accepting about dying, and so vibrant with his outlook in life.

Five People You Meet in Heaven - Makes you wonder about the five people that you somehow barely know would greet and guide you through heaven.
Eddie (the main character) felt like he was so unimportant and that his life didn't matter, what he didn't know was that he had also affected the lives of others. The last of the five people was quite unexpected, which was kind of nice. Kind of makes you read the book all over.

For One More Day - What if you were given the chance to talk and be with the person who mattered most to you? What would you do or say?
This book hit the spot. Chick (main character) thought and believed that he had lost everything and that he didn't matter anymore after his mother died. The story shows what most broken family causes the children to bear so much burden. One way of putting it would be, never take anyone for granted even if they let you.

My own:
I'm thinking about going back to school. I've seeked for some advice regarding what course to take. I'm somehow very interested in Psychology (forensics) or Philosophy.
Although some of them said that it's just a waste of time to be studying such a course. I'm not after the money nor the profession that comes with it, I want to know more about human behavior and more. It's not for me to judge people more, but to understand them. Catch my drift?


Erika said...

mitch albom's books are moving and inspiring. for one more day is my favorite, though. it made me cry like a baby. anyways, i understand your want to take psychology. i want to understand the human mind, too. we'll find our time. good luck!

Patty said...

I've read the Five People You Meet in Heaven and For One More Day already, and currently I'm reading Tuesdays With Morrie. Haha. His books never fail to make me tear up a bit. Hahaha.

If you really like Psychology or Philosophy, take it! I think it's kind of cool to do the stuff psychologists do. Hahaha. You could take up Law afterwards, if you like XD

ragayano said...

I don't really like Chinoys/Chinays - me too... i dont really like most of them... you know, those who became rich exploiting our labor class...