Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Blog Awards Challenge 2

I have submitted an entry for Mr. TalkSmart's Blog Awards Challenge 2. And yes, it's a voting competition. So here's the link, if you're interested to vote, just go this site for the instructions handed out by Mr. TalkSmart himself. There are requirements before voting though.

If you want to vote, these are the guidelines:

* To promote peer-to-peer recognition and respect only bona fide bloggers can vote for the competition. Anonymous voters without a valid blog will not be added to the tally of votes.

* Voters must be blogging for at least three (3) months with a minimum of thirty entries in his blog prior to his voting in the competition. This will eliminate phantom voters and reduce incidence of cheating.

* One vote is tallied as 100 points. A voter is allowed to pick three best entries among the finalists.

* The votes are added up and the winner is declared with a Reader’s Choice Award citation.

* The total number of votes (converted into weights) are added to the other weight points as set in the Winner Selection Criteria.

So if you're a bonified blogger and you're interested in voting for me, just go to this link and drop a comment about your choice. ^_^


mine is labeled: The Challenge by scribble with me. :)

p.s. I sooo love Alice.

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