Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ako ulit

Kulitan time! Got tagged by Sarah, thanks btw.
Way back in elementary til high school I enjoyed filling up "autograph" books. It's sort of one way of letting the other person know what you like, objectively, without you having to say it personally. And I usually like reading the motto and define love part. You get all sorts of answers, mostly taken out from a book. Oh, and how about the dreaded question such as "Who was your first kiss/love/crush?"
Others would just beat around the bush and put in something totally uninteresting.
Anyway I'll try, as much as possible, to answer most of the questions.

Name: Avy Silva
Age: 20
Address: err. Is this something to wear? oh ADDRESS, i thought it was a dress. umm. somewhere around here.
Telephone No: 1234567
Cell Phone No: i don't own one
Birthday: 11-06-87
Birthplace: I honestly don't know. (scratches head)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
School: graduate na ako! woohoo
Height: sikweto.
Weight: 42 kg
Waistline: sikweto.
Favorite food: Sinigang na baboy or bangus. Adobo. French Fries lang ng McDo at burger sa Space Burger.
Favorite drinks: cofee - cali
Favorite color: Green
Favorite number: 7
Favorite cartoon character: Hmm. How come I can't think of anyone right now? Umm, TIGGER!
Favorite TV show: CSI(NY, Miami, LV), House
Favorite actor: none
Favorite actress:
Kristen Stewart (not that her acting skills chuva amaze me, I find her pretty. tee-hee)
Favorite singer: david archuleta? haha!
Favorite commercial: locally? WALA!
Favorite brand of shirt: Oxygen
Favorite brand of shoes: nike
Favorite animal: tigers. rawr.
Favorite pet: dog? mostly because we own 5 of them.
Favorite chocolate: Cadbury
Favorite candy: SKITTLES!
Describe yourself: I am utterly, annoyingly, adorable. (Jawdropping?)
Who was your first crush: eto na nga ba sinasabi ko. I sort of forgot her name. Oh wait, I think it was Julie. Yeah, sort of like that.
What age: can't remember.
Where did you meet your first crush: classroom (seatmates, tee-hee)
Who is your crush in present: would it be unbelievable to have none?
What was your most unforgettable moment: Winning the badminton championship.
What was your most embarrassing moment: mistaking this person as someone i know.
Who was your first love: I forgot. (Bawal ang pork, bawal ang beans...)
Who are your friends: definitely too many to mention.
Who is your best friend: I don't have one.
Who is your enemy: Too many to mention rin, people hate me coz I'm so darn irresistable. (bumabagyo na ba?)
Likes: Sensible
Dislikes: Mayabang na walang maipagmamayabang.
Why: Need i say more?
Define Love: Love is something we think we understand but clearly we don't. It is in fact, supposed to be unconditional. It is not something that you have to get back as well. But human as we are, we end up expecting it back. To make it short, love is a selfless act not for another person but of a higher power. (am I preaching already?)

And for my 5 tags, drum roll please. Well, it appears that most people I know aren't exactly fond of this kind of tags. But hey, for anyone who has time. Feel free to answer this, you can put in my name as well. Hehe

5 more days til sweldo. Yahoo!


tina said...

i guess.. ill do the tag when i have the spare time. i lve filling out autographs as well. brings back memories! hehe.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello avy,

thanks for knowing you....

thank you also for the visit ha?