Sunday, September 21, 2008


With so much stuff going on, one can never figure out what's real and not. What's genuine and fake.
I've been the ever supportive friend. In a way, I've been too much of a sponge. But throughtout those times I've had to listen to the same stories over and over, I never once complained.
Well, not until now. I've never really asked for anything in return. As what I've always said, expectations will result to disappointments. Life is full of it.
Anyway, so this certain person offers me a listening ear. Would I want to burden her with all the drama in my life? Nah.
Getting things off my chest and pouring it all out on her won't change anything.
As you continue on reading this, you'll figure out how cynical I have become from all the things I've been through (which of course is not needed to be listed here.)
A hopeless case? Perhaps. I'm still struggling. It's difficult to be among people you think you're comfortable with but not to the extent that you can trust them fully.
I still have my guard on. I can't stand more lies.


bitchvarsity said...

grabe mag emo oi! =)

blogmarc said...

drama makes the world go round :)

but you know what would help? pick a sport, and pour yourself into it. always works for me ;)

exchange links? :)

Ishna Probinsyana said...

Omg. venting much? I cant blame you. I feel the same way sometimes. But its not good din naman if you always keep everything to yourself.;)