Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Out the window

I have simply lost all the respect that there was supposed to be left for our ever scandalous and crackpot government.
Not that I care deeply about our country or whatever, somehow that sense of security is slowly slipping away too.
Ain't it amazing how that ZTE scandal simply vanished into thin air. Wonder if that guy got shot or something.
Oh politics, I was never really great at them.

Anywho, my desire to look for a better job has been put to a
halt. Not because I love my current job ever so much but of the fact that if I'm going to resign now, I'd be missing out on our Christmas cup.
And I'm expected to be present since we're the defending ch
ampions in Badminton mixed doubles division.
This plan of taking on a diferent type of job has been postponed too many times already.
Hayy. Perhaps I won't say anything or plan anything for now, so it won't blow up on my face right away.

Oh, is anyone following the VMA's Challenge for Best Danc
e Crew?
Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak are the top two.
And just recently, Fanny Pak had been announced as the winner.I was soooo rooting for Kaba Modern,
though I didn't exactly find anyt
hing new on their choreo.
But I still love them. Fanny Pak may have one the war but never the battle. (Do I sound like a psycho-fanatic?)

I wasn't entirely interested in watching the most talked about show for the moment.
But then I got bored and rather than watching an hour long movie, I decided to buy a dvd copy.
And yes, I am talking about GG.
A whole lot better than The OC, which has so much friggin drama. Though GG also has its oh-so dramaticans uper alcoholic moments, it comes fashionably with style.
And Chuck is the least handsome yet most interesting character among the whole cast.
Too bad Eric's gay, him and Jenny would have made a cute couple.

I'll be going out tomorrow night with my teammates. Drink til we drop. Dress to kill. I'd prefer Suit to Kill though.


blanne said...

hello there! i also like GG too but I do not watch it that often. I just watch it whenever I remember it. Haha.

And then again, Filipinos try to copy GG too. If you have been to TV 5, they also have this show they call Lipgloss which is kind of similar to GG.

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tina said...

darl how about sutukil?? haha. ok. korny na sya. from politics-dance-work-tv series?? mao ni tawag halo2x hehe. now.. i know how you are.. i dont have to ask: musta na? :P

Bam the Great said...

everybody's talking about GG.hahaha :))

ako na lang ata ang di nakakarelate. :)

uy avy! pasensya na at ngayon lang ako nagbalik-loob sa mundo ng blogging. hehehe. :)

i miss this place! hahha

Ishna Probinsyana said...

Hey you! :D I dont like politics. Haha. I've had enough alredy. :))

GG!! Waaah. Ang ganda no?

iceah said...

on politics:
haaaaaaaaay...sinabi mopa! c:

Erika said...

a polsci prof once told us in our cwts class that governments are (i forgot the exact words) supposed to be ineffective daw. then there's a connection about private corporations and shit. hahahaha, whatevs.

GG mania! it's everywhere. :P

Meg Lim said...

New GG season out already! Can't wait for the next ep! You can DL it from the net, it's out every tues! :D

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