Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am so kicking my ass off the floor right now. I've been too damn lazy to even think about anything to post.
So rather than talk about how I'm finding it difficult to write anything, lemme just rant about what I've been seeing on TV nowadays.

First off:

This telenovela that's all about punchlines. I think they're gonna make this one popular just because of those somehow inadequate and out-of-place quips and puns.
Whoever wrote the script should have also added specific locations where some of the lines would definitely fit in.
Not that I'm watching it per episode, I keep hearing most of my colleagues talk about it. Yes, you are right, I am yet again annoyed.

Next is the franchised Filipino version of Bea La Fea. I would've opted for the US version, at least the building and the office didn't look anything at all fake.
Sure they've made it all colorful and stuff but it just seems that the lead dude ain't right for the part. Perhaps sticking to the exact same story line might make it too TH. If you know what I mean.

Btw, I'm gonna leave you with a couple of videos about a presentation we've been practicing on and finally presented for our GM's (General Manager) Cup Opening.
The first one would be our practice performance in progress. (You can try to find me)

Second one is our final performance, I've made some errors, but hey you're not gonna be able to see that since it's a back view only. Hehe.

The games has started. We were first up on the list for the Badminton match. Mixed doubles, women's and men's. We won the Mixed Doubles. Sad to say I goofed off too much when I subbed for the women's division. My bad.
Looking forward for the next game. I'm just somewhat concerned about my partner's principle though. See, even though he's gonna lose, at least he was able to make a mark on the opponent's body (preferrably the face). He makes one hell of a smash.

Til next update.


iceah said...

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emotera said...

nice post...and with regards to the betty lafea thing...I couldnt agree more. hahaha! Ms. Bea needs to be more natural, sometimes I also find it TH.

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lunes said...

naaliw naman ako sa principle ng partner mo.weehehe. ok un!

Cielo said...

I also love the principle of your least natalo man nakaganti naman hehehhe....parang ako yun hehehehe, may maldita moves na pasimple pero rock