Saturday, April 26, 2008

It strikes again!

I can't believe I'm even posting about them here. Yes, I'm talking about the ever so tiring PBB teen watchamacallit edition. Partly because I have nothing to talk about today. They have definitely casted a different set of youngsters today. And yes, I'll be ranting about them completely, with a smile on my face.

PBB, this just goes to show how chismoso we are. Just think about it, we're watching live feeds about what goes on in the lives of these people. Intrigera. Still we enjoy it, because every now and then there's always a new guest. I'd love to name them one by one and point out what I don't like about them, rather I'll generalize them. Somehow, in the process, they all look the same., except for that skinny Dabawenyo. I know that I also know better than to expect something extraordinarily deep about them but hey, these are kids. Add up to that their psychotic and extreme parents (well, some of them are the typical type).
Anyway, all this talk about them even bores me.

So enough of them, I just want to express my deep regret of being unable to be at the awarding ceremony for our so-called sports fest. But hey, I got the trophy with me already. The prize money? Not so sure when they'll give it.
Here's the pic of the most coveted trophy (along with another award that's totally a different story)

Cool eh? It was a tough nerve-wrecking fight. But we got through it. Seryosohan na toh. :)

As for work? Well, since our whole team won in the Family Day Cup (30K to be exact), a party is to be expected. We definitely live up to our motto: Work hard, Party harder.

This won't be official, but since I have a well-adjusted schedule now, I'm sort of back into the blogosphere. :)

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Bam the Great said...

chaaaaaaaaaar! congrats!

burger! burger! burger!