Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Challenge

We are facing the greatest problem there is now.
Day by day it is slowly trying to grasp our attention to take action. But we are distracted by unimportant things such as noneducational tv shows and indecent political scandals. By and by, we also try to ignore it but I know that you know it as well. You feel it even at night.
Yes, it's the effect of Global Warming.
One may think that this is something that you can just put off for tomorrow. But what if that day won't come?
Will you just stand and stare til the Earth comes to its worst desctruction.

You see and hear news about all these natural disasters happening outside our country and you think to yourself that it's not going to happen to us, guess again.
This is no laughing matter. If we try to be more considerate, put aside unnecessary things, then maybe, wait let me rephrase that;
I know that we can make things a little better.

We can start off with sm
all stuff:

1. Use less paper; use
the back of the paper to print on or write on; use recycled paper.

-> We usually make use of a lot of paper (paper money is a totally different issue), and most of the time we just waste such a material even though there's still enough space to write on or even scribble on. People, we need to R-E-C-Y-C-L-E these papers. Think of all the trees your destroying and putting to waste.

2. Plant more trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

-> This is usually done during NSTP's, school curriculum, charities or organizational stuff. But how about if we try to develop a green thumb, wherein we plant and invest a better environment for fun. It's also one way of decreasing air pollution. We can start off at home, plant more greens. Or even at school and some places where it's becoming more bald every minute.

3. The media should conduct interviews of legislators to help the public become aware of their ability and willingness to help solve the problem.

-> As you've noticed, some of the news you see or even hear on tv and on the radio are mostly about killings, political scams and who's dating who in show business. All this crap doesn't really do any good to us, so I strongly suggest that the people in the media should add to their program ways on giving back to mother Earth. Politicians should also get themselves much more involved in promoting actions that will benefit our slowly weaking planet. We do not need to hear how they plan to build big buildings nor whatever pompous campaign they'll have in the future nor whoever it is they aren't in good terms with as of the moment.
4. Levy higher taxes on companies that pollute the air.

-> Since taxes are going up and higher, let's try to make our point a bit clearer. Most employees and employers are dodging paying their taxes. How much more are those from companies or manufacturers that contributes to all types of pollution there is. Whether it be bodies of water, imagine the beachwater contaminated by such waste and chemicals. Be it by air, think of the children and babies being brought in to this world only to breathe such health-deteriorating chemicals in the air. If not be fined for inducing chemical waste everywhere, they should, instead, pay higher taxes. Just think of the burden everyone is facing while people from these companies just sit back and pay the same minimal taxes. Justice.

5. Use less electricity; turn off the TV, read books, walk, run, bike, surf, play tennis.

-> If you think that you're going to fall off to sleep while watching TV, then put a timer on it. Reading books doesn't necessarily mean that you'll become a dork but it's one way of making your mind grow, not figuratively. Of course, being active into sports doesn't require that much electricity anyway, so in a way, we save electricity. Right?

6. Reuse newspapers as wrapping paper for gifts.
-> This can be just something to sort of protect the gift more, we're tearing up the paper anyway as we open gifts given to us. It's also an easier way for us to make use of our recycling abilities. :)

7. Protect our oceans - prevent plankton in the ocean from dying

-> I was able to watch a small part of the film, "An Inconvenient Truth", and even the ocean's rainforest (which are the coral reefs) are slowly dying. Physically they look like their bleached or something. Just think about those endangered water creatures and even the common fishes are deeply being affected by this. Not because the reefs look white as snow, but as this slowly develops, it produces chemicals as well to this mass of water. The cause? Factories dumping chemical wastes to our beloved water. Personally, I still want to enjoy swimming at our local beach resorts, but the thought of getting these chemicals in my body sort of puts a stop sign in my mind. Do we want these? Now, some of these elaborated ideas are of course just an action we can take on to contribute a better change to our world. With the world, changing by the second, let's try to be more aware of the damage we're giving to our Earth. You may be enjoying your air-conditioned room, thinking that you're not affected but somehow you will lose electricity and you won't be able to enjoy those luxuries. So I tell you, to be more considerate and be more aware and attentive to whatever is already happening to our world.
Let us not look away from the problem, but look and take action right now.

Change, for the better. Change, is a must. It won't hurt if we try, right?

This is my entry to the Blog Awards Challenge No. 2: Blogging for Global Warming


tina said...

Nice, informative post.... global warming is an issue one can't ignore. little acts can make a big difference to this issue. tc.

Karla Mae said...

Thanks for the post! ^__^ You know, these simple tips will make a big difference like Tina said. :)

blanne said...

Easier said than done. But if there's a will, there's a way. Hehe.

I hope you win the Blog Awards.. :)

the donG said...

i hope more and more people will be supporting these movements.