Thursday, April 24, 2008

My First

Would you agree that life is full of mysteries?
Well, maybe it is. I don't really have an exact answer for that. All I know is that, because of this thought about life being like this, we seem to make it much more complicated.
Searching for answers that's already in front of us.

Quoting a certain book I just finished reading, what's important is invisible to the naked eye. It's like admiring something beautiful, figuratively or not. The secret to it's beauty lies beneath it, something we won't be able to see not unless we allow ourselves to know it more.

We just have to know ourselves better for us to understand life much more as well. At least that's what I think. I'm still in the process of learning everything life's been teaching me. Somehow it kinda confuses me but I try to comprehend it.

If I can just get away from this fast-paced world.


Vannie said...

ui, little prince.

that is the only line from that book that i truly get! ahahaha ^_^

Aux Zero said...

Korek. Tagal ko nang gustong basahin yun. Buti na lang at may nahiraman na talaga. hehe :P