Friday, July 11, 2008

Over Her Dead Body

Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) and Henry (Paul Rudd) are about to be married, but on the day of their wedding, Kate is accidentally killed by an ice sculpture of an angel, after an argument with the sculptor about the lack of wings. After a year Henry reluctantly agrees to consult a psychic named Ashley (Lake Bell) at the urging of his sister Chloe, arguing that Kate may tell him to get on with his life. Chloe gives Ashley Kate's diary, so that Ashley learns information about Kate which seemingly demonstrates psychic abilities. Despite his initial skepticism over these abilities, Henry is impressed. Moreover, Henry and Ashley fall in love. However, Kate's ghost, who only Ashley can see, is jealous and harasses Ashley to force her to break up with Henry. Ashley persists, but Henry discovers the fraud with the diary and breaks up the relationship.

The ghost of the sculptor who created the angel that killed Kate helps her decide that she wants Henry to be happy after all. The movie ends with Henry and Ashley getting married and Kate going back to heaven.

An extra storyline is about Ashley's assistant Dan (Jason Biggs) who has claimed for years to be gay, allowing him to be Ashley's best friend without sexual connotations. She is upset when Dan confesses to be heterosexual, and to have lied to her because he liked the intimacy, even though it was non-sexual. Nevertheless they go on holiday together after Ashley and Henry break up. Being in love with her, Dan is disappointed that Ashley chooses for Henry. However, Dan and Chloe fall in love.

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Browsing through a sea of DVD copies. I looked past this movie since it didn't exactly seem that interesting to me. My friend, who was with me at that time kept insisting that I buy a copy of this because the trailer she saw was funny (to her, that is).
So I didn't give in that easy. Only to find out weeks after that, my co-worker had a copy of it too. So I thought, "Hey, why not borrow one and watch it. If it's gonna suck at least it didn't cost you anything, except for time and the effort of borrowing it."
And so I watched it with my friend who happened to be the one bugging me about it. It was an OK type of film. Not that funny and not too corny. Jason Biggs was his normal loser-type-bumbling-kind-of-way. Paul Rudd was charming as usual, although he kinda looked stupid in some scenes (aside from the ones where he's supposed to look stupid). Eva Longoria-Parker fit her role to a T, and might I say she made me laugh. Lake Bell has some pretty angles, although it was as if it was her film debut. Well, to be honest, since this is in fact a movie review. I think they could have casted someone else aside from Lake Bell. I didn't find her attractive in any way, nor was her acting skills impressive (which is totally quite the contrary).
Anyway, this isn't exactly the type of film where you laugh your heads off most of the time. Makes you giggle though. :)

Giving this movie 3 stars.


I've been having my hair cut shorter and shorter for the past 3 weeks now. And I don't know why. Me thinks I'm getting ripped off from the salon that I've been going to. Me thinks I'm wasting money on my hair. Me thinks I look good with my new cut. Me thinks all is good.

I'm totally inspired by Kaba Modern's performances. Oh how I wish I was back on the dance floor.


Vannie said...

was thinking of having a shorter 'do too! ehehe

a tag for u avy

tina said...

yay! shorter hair huh? :)

musta naaa? tc always

lunes said...

naku.baka makalbo ka niyan papa haircut.wehehe.