Thursday, July 24, 2008

It goes like this.

Imagine this:

You've been with this person for over 2 years, you feel like something has changed but that person hasn't.
Then comes in this badass but not bad-looking 3rd wheeler who's been hitting on the girl.
note: she'd been telling me stories about how she got cheated on by her first boyfie and was never taken seriously before.
It had lasted for months, all the flirting and stuff like that. Then with a snap, the girl breaks up with the boyfie on his birthday.
Hooking up with that no-good 3rd wheeler. And so after weeks of spending eekie PDA moments together, she's realized that a lot of people had noticed the big change and "WHY IN THE WORLD IS SHE GOING OUT WITH THAT JERK" buzz is going around already.
Now she's thinking about going back to her ex because their personalities (with that jerk) seem to clash and basically don't mesh well.
The fire's starting to fade out.
And so this ex of hers is actually one of those guys you see on TV. The typical too-good-to-be-true boyfriends. Never cheated and very dedicated. (Hey, they actually exist!)
I just feel so bad for the guy that he's been messed around with but of course, I'm not one to judge a person.
Then her ex starts asking me about how I can help him get them back together (she's making him wait).
Well, I liked the idea at first, but then he started saying something about giving me stuff in return. I was like, what the f*ck. I'd be more than happy to help but not because of bribery. It feels so, so bad. (No other words to put it.)

Now, the point comes to this. I do understand that things had gone and passed already but to be cheated on and to do the exact same thing to another person who's been friggin honest with is not enough reason to start playing around.

And I also understand that there really are some certain circumstances that you can't handle and things start falling into place, but still, if you're going to back yourself up with a reason that it's been done to you first, then that's plain bullcrap.


Or maybe I'm started to get annoyed with the girl acting all kooky and macho about things, or maybe my old self's coming back. (Ohhh.)

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