Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Personality Test

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test
Ok, so I'm a bit of a sucker for this sorts. But hey, it somehow gets to you right? I mean, it's almost as if this particular generator-test-type-of-thing can describe your whole being. I know most people would find ways and means to look for something or even someone who can try to sum them up as a whole person. From traits to interests. From political views to favorite delicacies. Let's face it, one way or another we're all vain and a bit narcistic sometimes.
I'm diggin' the slide since it sort of looks neat and sleek. Don't you think so?
Take it. :)

I've got a list of movies I just finished watching but I'm not about to post another movie topic here.
Let me just get this off my chest.
I almost blew my cover about keeping the identity of my crush hidden. I've been cursing myself over and over because my face (and I friggin' felt it too) turned red. Ok, so I'm pretty much bad at this. But I've managed to divert their attention to another person whom I'm supposedly having a fling with (by which of no truth, none whatsoever).
I'm ashamed of myself being too mindful about what other people would say if they found out who she was. She's not exactly the prettiest of them all. I guess I just like her in the inside.

I'm not in the mood to go back to class, sit in front of a boooorrrriinngg teacher reading everything off from her Powerpoint-outlined lesson. Her methodological way of teaching is by far the most uninteresting process, ever. (dot dot dot)

Listen to this:

Closer - Ne-Yo

I'm not typically into this sort of thing, but I like the beat. Makes me wanna dance. :)


MeL said...

I love the beat of the song, too. :)

Oh, so it's back to school again pala. Buti na lang I'm through with those boring lectures. Haha. Pero I sort of miss my school days. Mahirap mag-work minsan!

Nelle said...

Yeah that's right, we all have the tendency to be vain even if we don't accept it.

- -

I love this song, I mean the beat would just get into you.

- -