Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Stop

What is life without purpose?
Without doubt nor fears.

What is life without hope?

Only an ocean filled with tears.

And what is hope without faith?

A mere illusion for the sake of sanity.

This is not about love that's lost,
I'm merely talking about me.

Time is starting to stand still, as I sit here waiting.
Waiting for an answer that I believe is already in front of me but I'm just too damn stubborn to see.
I have occupied my mind with thoughts about what I'm doing being the right thing to be.
What has become of me?

I am no more than but a stray along lonely streets.
This is not even near breakdown, nor hitting rock bottom. But another slap in the face about how my life really is and what I'm trying to ignore. Will this desperate cry for help be heard? When and who will ever listen.

The story goes on...


Sweetie and Bunny said...

link ex accepted and added :) please link us ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, nice entry avy. :)

goodbye heartbreak