Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Contradictions II

Religion. That was the topic. She became too bored she was doodling on her notebook.
There was no sense into putting words of so-called wisdom in itty-bitty minds within the class.
She did not understand what the purpose was to be exact.
A Christian with no faith? Sheer hypocrisy.
And what would the class get out of all this talk? Maybe an A+ paper regarding their reflection which will be, in about 30 minutes after class, forgotten.
The class ended with the whiteboard filled with sketches and words pertaining to God and in all His greatness.
Shaking her head, she went home.

I wonder why nobody likes her?
Still thinking about the girl she fancied at the office which had pretty much a bad reputation with some of her colleagues.
I mean, she does look kind of mean, but I think she's nice.
She lightly put the pillow to cover her face.
I'll just sleep this off.



Nothing's new, except that the ATM I tried to withdraw money from ATE my money. Crap.
And I'll have to get up early tomorrow even though it's my day off just so I can attend the school orientation set for us late enrollees. Go to that fuckin bank and get an Adobe Photoshop CS3 installer from my friend. Since my Adobe was too "80's".
At work, we now have only 1 day off. We are mandated by the fuckin workforce to work our ass off even on our much deserved rest day. And it's not only for this week but until further notice.
What I don't get is that we're entitled to have 2 days off and they fuckin make us work? Isn't that some kind of obstruction of the law thing about labor or whatever?
I know that in this line of work, change is what to be expected every now and then but this is totally unacceptable.
How I wish my dogs would bite their heads off.

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