Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Latest

I was often uninstalling and reinstalling Mozilla Firefox on my computer and my last reinstallation has the latest version on it which is quite sleek and added features on it. I just noticed that something was different when the site itself had a totally different look. Even at work, they had this posted updates near our workstations regarding what's new in technological category. It included Mozilla Firefox 3 as having broken the record of the "most downloaded software in a certain time period". I must say that this latest version is true to it's word, Fast. It has some added features on it which is quite cool, I'm kinda digging it. :)

I almost came in late today at work. I made it just in time. My time-in's supposed to be 6:30am. And I swiped in off the bar code at exactly 6:28:and a couple of seconds AM.
Isn't that something? To think that while I was sleeping, I was dreaming that I'd be late and my mom woke me up saying that I would definitely be late if I won't get up.

And so the transformation to being The Flash began.
I took a bath, dressed, drank my coffee, brushed my teeth and grabbed a bread on my way out.

Good thing transportation came on time too. Whew. Not exactly rooting for Perfect Attendance this month, it's just that I'm now aware of how a couple of minutes late could affect my payslip.

If you know what I mean. *nudges*

Til then.

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Erika said...

2 minutes before the time - you must be really lucky! :P and oh, firefox is love. :D