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Definitely, Maybe

"definitely, maybe"

Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) is a 30-something father who is in a midst of a divorce. His 10 year old daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) lives with her mother but is with him once or twice a week. On one of these occasions she questions him about his life before marriage. After her first sex-ed class Maya wants to know everything about how her parents met and decided to get married. In an attempt to "PG" his story, Will changes the names and some facts. In doing so, he creates a love mystery so Maya has to guess which of three women is the one he finally married. The story he tells Maya is depicted in long flashbacks. From time to time the film switches back to the present, where Maya comments and asks questions.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I was in the mood of buying some new dvds so my player wouldn't get mad at me for not using it. My friend and I were looking through some available movies when this caught my attention. I'm not exactly a fan of Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends) but the cast somehow got me drawn to it. So I bought it.
It's one of those romantic-comedy chick flicks that
I dig. The plot about the love story among the three women were sort of cliche. Makes you think, throughout the entire film, which one would steal the spotlight more. To be honest, I'm quite surprised to see Rachel Weisz in this kind of movie. Somehow at the back of my mind I was thinking that she kind of too of a pro and an A-lister to be in part of it, and she didn't fail to make her character much more interesting. Isla Fisher, whom some of us would recall as being that spoiled little rich girl in The Wedding Crashers, in a way gets you with how emotional she can be in the movie. I can never take her apart from her role in The Wedding Crashers, which made it kind of hard to understand her character better. Still, they make a pretty good couple. If he ended up with Elizabeth Banks, the story wouldn't be at all that interesting. Then there's always Reynolds' trademark of being a total jerk which added something-something to the love-story between Fisher and him. The kid, Abigail Breslin, didn't seem all that cute to me. I don't know, she's just not that adorable to me. I don't know about her acting skills as well, can't see through her character. Then again, it's a good thing the main focus of the story is all in lead role's complicated lovelife.

I give this movie 3 and a half stars.

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