Sunday, June 29, 2008

I wonder

I was going through some blogs and got a bit interested with this reading level test. And waddyaknow, my blog entails and requires higher level of understanding. Or maybe, that generator just made that up so I can feel good about my blog. But I did keep on testing if it was just giving random answers, and apparently it doesn't. Isn't that neat?

Let's talk about tears.
What would eventually make you cry?

For me? I cry when I feel like I'm hitting rock-bottom. Physical pain would just make me squirm, squeal like a girl *to which I am* and would normally put a sock on someone's face.
Crying, as they say, is a sign of weakness. It inscribes defeat. It shows someone's frailty.
No matter how most people would insist that letting out emotions through shedding of tears is a proof of strength, it's still not plausible.
This shoves most of us to hide away into our little corner and cry our hearts out there.
Does it sound too pathetic? Sympathy then comes in, which most people don't exactly need.
Thus a withdrawal from human intimacy and affection occurs.
Makes us delve deep into ourselves. Ending up getting an identity crisis. Okay, I think I've gone far enough. Then again, what would then be the purpose of crying? Is it not another way of showing emotion? Like happiness, we laugh and smile. For anger our face gets all swelled up like a red tomato. And for grief and deep sadness, we cry. For every emotion felt, it is supposed to be expressed as to how it should be.
For how are we supposed to deal with bottled up disappointments and anguish?

So, what makes you cry?


lunes said...

I cry when my personal problem are out of my control. Wen I don't have the power and capability to manipulate and generate an effective solution

lunes said...

*problems pala.. wehehe. mali

simpleyesa said...

Nako iyakin ako na tao. Yes, it's true. Palahilak jud ko... a.k.a balat sibuyas. So every time someone tease me or nasakitan ko super kagamay na butang.. or naay LQ (hehe) or nakasab-an ko.. hilak dayon ko. Most of the time, i cry with God. Di ako OA ha. Really, i have this intimate relationship with God na sa kanya ako umiiyak.

Ok lng ang umiyak ano... tao ra man ta. Kinsa man daw ang wla nihilak beh? Maski manhid na tao, muhilak ghapon.

So yung kanta na 'boys don't cry' or yung 'big girls don't cry'.. puro reverse psychology yun. hehehe

Regards mo nlng ako ky Juan. Ingatz!

tina said...

i cry a lot. haha. i don't know if you have ever seen me cry.. but i do cry easily. movies that are touching or even happy moments.

and sometimes i cry alone... kanang naa lng ko mahinumduman.. haha. ambot na unsa ni.

even when a lil kid smiles at me.. when i see the soul.. muhilak sad ko. dali ra kaayo ko ma "tats" ai. hehe

and don't bottle your emotions avs. cryyyy if you need to. :P

its actually liberating and you smile even more when you're done with crying. hehe

tama pang genius diod imo blog. nos3bleed. hahahaa

Shen said...

i cry like juday! as in immediately and a lot!