Monday, June 16, 2008


If put in a position when one would have to show emotion, in what way should one be supposed to do it?
I've been hearing news regarding this person's who's working at the same place where I am as well. It was about how he had an accident. Taking a taxi to go to work, he sat up front without knowing the head-on collision that was about to happen. This has taken his one eye away. It's quite bothersome to think about what he had been asking for before the unfortunate event. They were all saying that he was at the peak of his age. He himself had said that he felt happy yet he was still empty. He asked God for a sign, and did he ever get it. I'm not trying to mock whatever had happened to him. It's just a matter of "be careful for what you wish for."
I kept asking who he was because I wasn't really sure if I knew him or not. With our work and schedule there's no way you'd get to know all the people at work. As they were talking about him, my mind was adrift. Thinking only about McDo's Shake shake fries which is a total rip-off by the way, just think you're paying 10 pesos for one measely seasoning(anyway that's a totally different story.) They had this look on their faces and mine was ever glowing. I guess it became too obvious as one of the commented that I wasn't moved none what-so-ever with the current state of that guy. (Geez, I forgot his name again. Sorry)
Should I have faked sympathy?
I've been too much of a hypocrite that even being true to yourself is getting a bit harder.
Am I less of a person for not being able to empathize?
Maybe it's just not in me to feel for other people I barely know, nor care for at all.
Would that make me less human?
Where's the sense in that?

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sheng said...

Hi Avy.... I don't think your a less human...Its a natural reaction especially if you don't know that person well...

Hope you can add me in your blog....i added you already. Thanks