Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vantage Point

I'd been all jittery about watching this movie. The trailer seemed to be interesting. From different points of view, the end's all the same. Truth be told, it was a total waste of time when I watched Vantage Point. I mean, they just turn to another person's side of the story, that's just it. Nothing more. Nothing too special about this movie. Yeah, plainly about assassination, terrorism and the like. But there's no depth in the movie. I guess the writers got to engrossed with spicing up the character's point of view that it totally neglected the bigger picture.
All that excitement gone to the dumps.


I've finally gone back to school. It's funny how people reacted when they learned I was already a 2nd courser. And I know what comes to mind; "Don't I ever get tired of studying", "Why'd you take your first course anyway" and all those stuff. Well, for one, I've been interested with Psychology ever since my 2nd year in college, but my first course (IT) was a priority which definitely helped me out with my job.
It's a lot different to be studying in another school. The standards and rules aren't the same. It was as if I was thrown into the wild. Like animals gawking, hovering, ready to pounce on new meat. But of course, I know better than to give in. Add to that my age. Senior in my class, so to speak. And for this term, as much as possible I do not want to establish friendship bonds with them. It's nothing personal, it's just that I want to focus on studying and my work at the same time.
I've only got 3 subjects for this term. 2 majors and a minor.
Will I survive?

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ikay said...

yeah. the trailer was too nice. But for the story... uh-oh. although i appreciate some parts, but how can they call it Vantage Point? i mean why point out at Anna well in fact hindi siya kasama sa "vantage point" (tama ba name ko? if my memory serves me right..) ..basta. lols

i suddenly remembered my disappointment bout the movie. lol!