Sunday, June 8, 2008

You Make Me Smile

Like a breath of fresh air, so invigorating.
Stricken with overhwelming emotions for such a nonchalant presence.
I am smitten with her incomparable beauty.
How does one show affection?
Of love and of hatred.
Of happiness and of grief?
Does one merely state one's current mood?
In my case, I'd rather express it through poetry. I'm not one with big words, but I know good enough how to tell it all.
I can't say for now that I am IN love. There is no such thing for me, unfortunately. I can only be inspired. Inflamed with momentary passion.
And so the days go by with reveries. Unaware of what's exactly happening around me. Caught in deep thought, with a smile on my face.
I am in fact captivated by an undescribable beauty.
Yes, you definitely make the sun brighter every day. You never fail to make me smile.
I never believed that this kind of feeling would make give birth to insects nesting and flying inside one's stomach.
Okay, that was a bit gross.
What I'm saying is, I can now say that this feeling of having butterflies fluttering inside my tummy's quite true.
I break into sweat whenever you're near.
Just when I thought I had become too impassive, you've made me too transparent.
And when everything suddenly turns upside down, you make it come right back up.

So I break into a little poem;
The life and the love
I can never get enough
And so she passes by
With that twinkle in her eyes
Walking past this dazzled stare
A sensation I cannot bear

I continue on, loving every minute of this profound sensation.
And as I said, you never fail to make me smile.
A smile that's totally out of the ordinary.
So genuine.
You make my heart skip a beat.
Unknowing of this growing affection, you make it all the more motivating.
Though everything in my life seem to be too complex, you make it oh so simple.

You're definitely one of a kind.

It's as if all the love songs on the radio were made just for you.
Not a day would go by without me thinking about you.
And so I hide away in silence, keeping these emotions to myself.
I do not ask for anything in return but for me to be able to express whatever I feel freely here.
It is somehow depressing that I can never talk about her to just about anyone. Only because of this fear for some people's ignorance.
I guess I will be forever locked in stillness. This feeling will continue to linger on.
The first thought when I wake up and the last before I fall off to sleep.
If this is infatuation, what more if I was definitely in love?
But in every little thing, as my heart starts to sing, my days couldn't be much brighter. You never knew how special you have become to me. Didn't exactly expect for you to be the one who would make all my gray skies blue.

There I go again with the rhyming bug. As I said, I can never get enough. And what I meant about all the love songs referring to her, I'm serious. It kind of makes me a bit worried since I've never exactly felt something like this before. Where I would just smile out of the blue.
Okay, that's totally weird and scary. But I believe you know what I mean. Another reason why I don't talk about this that much is because I know what people are going to say. I mean, I've been giving advices to most people I know who's got the love bug and who's in a total mess. So imagine me asking myself for the same thing. I would have then recorded my pieces of advice in my phone so I'd get to hear myself and I get to help myself.
Am I being too self-absorbed? (don't answer that)
This person I'm talking about is someone with a higher authority. I think I'm giving away too much. Anyway, she seems to be too distant with her subordinates and doesn't exactly have a very good work-relationship with them either. Well, that's what I mostly hear. She's sort of preserved. Most of the time, she looks a bit too serious. But when she smiles, it simply takes my breath away. And to make her laugh is like an accomplishment. A fulfillment. I'm sounding a bit stupid, but I guess this is what it does.
A love drone, hooked on a love drug. Wait, didn't I just say that I am not IN love? I'm not. I don't believe that this is love just yet. I may have to observe this under a few months. Because off the record, I have yet to find out if I'm really in love.
What is love anyway?
Unconditional, right?
Never expect.
Exactly like what I'm feeling now. I believe I've found my answer.

I am in love.

This is my entry to the Blog Challenge 04: Because YOU deserve a post


Anonymous said...

darl, cant believe that you're saying those things... awwww, it almost made me cry....
(tears of joy...) hahahaha... more of laughter and mockery to be exact... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! anyway, well (sigh), thats you're tummy... so good luck!!! chuck...sigh again...


Anonymous said...


A free verse poem, why oh why?