Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine

A 6 year old breaking your heart into teeny weeny little pieces as she sings a few notes. This really got to me. I'm not exactly a fan of uber dramatic songs, but her version has definitely caught my attention.

Here's Connie Talbot singing I Will Always Love You, originally sung by Whitney Houston.

I Will Always Love You - Connie Talbot

Apparently, she joined the Britain's Got Talent show. Was not exactly able to follow the season but I just saw her on a friend's profile and just fell in love with her. :) Almost brings tears to my eyes.


It's been almost a year already ever since I stepped into the office's floor.
July will make it official. I will no longer be tied to this company because of a certain contract I can't easily get out from. Life has been totally different. It had made me more adaptive to change. Since change is what the company's all about. Nothing's ever constant. Except for the policies of course. I'm kind of thinking about moving to Cebu to work there. My friends are tempting me to go over there and join them. Decisions decisions. I guess I better finish my 2nd course before I move out.
I just hate seeing my good-for-nothing bum brother using the things I'm already paying for. Don't you just hate it when the things you worked hard for are taken for granted by people who don't even deserve it? Oh well, as I say, that's life.


simpleyesa said...

That's one of the many reality in life that i hate. Good thing i live with my mom for so many years, so i didn't have to worry about someone else using my stuffs. hehe

Well, i wish you good luck in your new endeavor. Whichever you think is better --- go for it.

Anyway, thanks for visiting.. don't get tired of visiting, ok?

simpleyesa said...

and OWS, i read the profile, so you're maangas, mayabang and anti-social? >_< lol

parang.. mali ata!

sheng said...

Hi Avy!!Your rightt about the emotional talaga. And about work..if you want a new pace go for it...Goodluck!
By the way, kindly change my url to this

tina said...

i like the song. anyway.. you are leavinnnnggg L2S ???